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      • 阿根廷俚語第八談

        thing, a silly mistake; a ridiculous thing to say, a comment made out of stupidity. gozar?[vt] lit. 'to enjoy', in this sense with an inanimate object; with a personal direct object it means to make fun of and gloat on someone else's minor misfortune (esp. results of sports matches, contests, card



      • 阿根廷俚語第十三談

        , 'to be left over, to be more than enough, to be innecesary'; in slang, used with a personal direct object: to make fun of someone while pointing out the superiority of the speaker in some matter; to speak contemptuously or mockingly to someone as if they were of lesser value. One who does this is a



      • 阿根廷俚語第十談

        shopping y... --?Ma' qué shopping, si es un supermercado grande! '--We went to the mall and... --What mall? It's a big supermarket!'. Note: if you can explain this better, tell me! This phrase is plain Italian, though its usage is somewhat different. metejón?[m] a passion for an object, person



      • 學習西班牙語語序

        In Spanish the word order within a sentence is as follows: Subject + Verb + Complement ? Subject Verb Complement Nosotros estudiamos inglés ? ? ? ? Example Subject Verb Complement Nosotros estudiamos inglés Subject: the person, animal or object that performs the action of the verb or that the verbs


        語序 西班牙語

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